Best Mobile Trading Apps

Mobile applications have become increasingly common. Your life is made simpler by them. On the stock exchange, you can purchase airline tickets, book accommodation, or trade.

There seem to be a lot of best mobile trading apps out there but if we saving time and pick the best free trading apps for you. Trading apps offering free stock and trading ETFs have become quite popular, so if you don’t want to pay fortunes on your trading fees, it is worth taking a look at them.

For trading, researching, charting, seeking trading ideas, and even for market data and news, trading applications may be used. Both these features are provided by many of the applications, although some of them only offer a handful. Don’t worry, with all of these features, we will have a trading app top list.

Below we have mentioned some of the best mobile trading apps. 

Best Mobile Trading Apps

Zerodha Kite

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This is the ideal platform for people who are interested in trading their money through the application. The Zerodha Kite will offer various features like Integrated charting and more than 80 technical analysis indicators for the trading purpose. So, the platform is merged with Amibroker and Metatrade. Zerodha Kite is available in all regional languages of India.


This is the good platform which comes from the reputed discount broker for competing against the Zerodha Kite. The Upstox will give the traders a better experience through the trading window. So, the Upstox has a good feature when it comes to speed and you can place the trade within 15 seconds which is backed by 256-bit encryption that is impossible to hack. Even Upstox has the option of live tracking of trading transactions.

ShareKhan Trade Tiger

This platform will provide good information about trading in a day and also known as the best mobile trading apps.  The ShareKhan Trade Tiger has all the features which can include the exchange about BSE & NSE, MCX and people can watch multiple trading on a single screen when the trading is happening in the market.

ICIC Trade Racer

This can be the ideal platform for the people who get live streaming quotes and research calls. The ICICI Trade Racer will include a fund transfer option along with the multiple watch list for trading. So, the trade racer will identify good opportunity in the market where people can get the feel of trading, unlike the conventional trading platforms.

The trading platform can provide a good experience to the people who are relatively new to the market and the above applications are the best mobile trading apps that can provide the people complete high-level performance while trading. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top trading platforms in India. Thanks for reading

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