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Best Trading App in India

With smartphones becoming a major part of our lives, it is easy for any of us to start online trading using a mobile trading application. However, there are many mobile trading apps in India. Thus, it will not be easy to decide which one you should use. There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing the best mobile trading app. These factors include speed, features, rating, performance, and usability. If you are serious about online trading, then you have to be updated as the stock market is always changing. Mobile trading apps in India have become very popular among traders. You do not need frequent Google search or wait for news channels to share updates. This app will provide you the facility of trading in your palms. You can see the status anytime, anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection. We are going to cover the best trading App in India.

alt="Best Trading App in India"

Zerodha Kite

The Zerodha trading platform has become popular with its exciting features. We all know that Zerodha is leaving a discount stock broker in India which has the most customers in India. It offers free brokerage services, except that it charges Rs 20 per order as a transaction fee. The Zerodha Kite mobile app provides data about NSE, BSE and MCX. It provides live streaming of the market. It provides advanced chat with over 100 indicators. You can trade equities,F&O, Commodities and Currency. This is rated as one of the best stock trading app for android.

alt="Best Trading App in India"

5paisa online trading app

Next is another major player in the Indian stock market and its 5pais app. 5paisa trading app is owned by 5 paisa discount brokers. This is a lower fee than competitors, 10p / order executed. It is one of those rare apps that offers the unique feature of guest login. We personally quite like this feature. You can avoid giving all your personal details to check the app, receive unsolicited emails, calls and messages from the service provider. It has nice features like App has an easy Demat opening feature for beginners within the app, Similar to ET markets, it provides constant real-time live updates and quotes from NSE and BSE, Auto investor feature help build fully developed and personalize mutual fund investment portfolio, leveraging easy screening tool with 5 paise free account you can invest in top mutual funds.

alt="Best Trading App in India"

Upstox Pro

Upstox is a light trading platform offered by RKSV. Upstox is a web and app based trading platform that gives users a seamless trading experience. RKSV is a marksheet intermediary that has offered an exchanging phase named Upstox, working so that it will rival another exchanging India. This preserves the accompanying features. Next, you can choose the Upstox Pro Share Trading App by Upstox, just in case you want to get involved in investing online using your computer or mobile device and have a better rating among other trading apps India. Apart from this, there are many cool and unique features like customizable charts, colors, legend and more. Apart from this, it also has good notifications and alerts that will appear on your device screen or you can only set the notification as you wish. In addition, you can do an analysis and access your data for the last 10 years.

alt="Best Trading App in India"

ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App

This app is from ICICI Direct which allows a trader to view the latest quotes, track his portfolio and see the movement in the market. You can also receive live research calls and more. Key features of the application allow it to trade in equities, futures and options and can perform an order, track market movement and more.

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