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Why Forex Traders Fail?

The Foreign Exchange market is the largest and most liquid financial market
world. However, the presence of large international banks (Mega
Banks), financial institutions of great prestige and a number of entities
important investment for many people do not reflect the magnitude of what
this market represents.
Trading is not a matter of “Trying” is a matter of “commitment”
and training …
It is true that 90% of new Trader’s lose all their money in Forex?
A reality sustained by the popular statistics tell us that
Unfortunately 90% of new investors (Trader’s) who “try”
venture into the Forex market, fail to have success on their
financial expectations and even more unfortunate it is that they end up losing everything
capital within weeks or even hours.
In this article I would like to address very seriously the issue of why it
so common for most people who “try” investing in Forex
They end up “losing” their money and what are the main causes that lead
This situation, while another select group of Trader’s enjoy success
Awesomely of the benefits of this market, accumulating large
fortunes of money and reaching unprecedented economic levels and
The main causes for the initial investors Forex Market
can lose their money, in my opinion and from my perspective, is not a
questions arising unique to the foreign exchange market are issues
and reasons that apply to any type of enterprise, when a person has
I decided to start …

• Try with a sense of opportunism
The first reason that a lot of weight from my very personal point of view is
thanks to technology and even more so, to the facilities today we
Internet provides, the Forex market has become extremely accessible
virtually anyone who is determined to invest in Forex. Without
But the lack of information, ignorance and often poor
communication, the new investor will have the Forex market as “the option”
to become a millionaire overnight “playing bet”
assumptions about the price of foreign exchange. DO NOT!
Naturally, anyone who assumes that with great ease and simplicity will
achieve “make money” in the overnight “playing graphic” and
I making their “bets”, coupled with the ease of “install” any
Trading platform on your PC, in literally five minutes, the task is given
start trading freely in an extremely complex and high market
The Forex market like any other financial market, business or work
background having a commercial sense, requires preparation,
especially understanding and learning.
truly be a Trader, there is no question of sitting in front of a PC with two
or three screens and engage “play money”. Becoming a Trader
genuine success is a process that requires a lot of discipline, study,
preparation and effort. It is not a matter of improvisation, is a matter of
preparation like any other profession, trade or work we want to make
with skill and efficiency.
Hence, that “Trying” is not a good deal, nor in the Forex Market or
any other activity, those who “try” always end up losing. This is
something that requires a strong personal commitment, dedication, discipline and
two milligrams of effort.
When we begin to see results, then we know we are on the way
correct and there, everything will be to perfect the techniques and everything learned
to optimize our earnings and profits.

• Lack of Discipline to operate the Trading
New investors regularly fall into the biggest mistake you can make
in the investment world (not exclusive only Foreign Exchange Market), and
this is not to have an intelligent investment strategy. risk
too much of your money in one placement and not getting results,
banal begin to take decisions without a logical support for the market,
which naturally leads to the last straw.
This lack of discipline in Forex Trading is perhaps the problem more
Common facing both novices and Trader’s professionals. Because
these problems, most Forex Trader’s end for allowing
emotions control their trading decisions.
To achieve become a successful trader in the trading business
currency first requires us to develop patience and confidence. The
we acquire patience understanding that this is a process that goes us
take some time as we go dabbling in the market and
confidently we get as we get to be increasingly prepared and
Trading able to exercise properly, with full knowledge
To the extent that we can start operating under controlled conditions; by
such as a “Demo Account”, implement our investment strategies,
experience or endure minimal losses and understand why we were
thus, it will be to the extent that we can advance in knowledge.
Maintaining discipline Trading through the execution of orders on
basis of a plan and a well-built smart strategy is the only way
to enter that elusive 10% percent of Trader’s successful.

• Not having an Intelligent Investment Strategy
A good commander can not, nor should “try” to go to war without a
plan and strategy well supported. Any attempt by a Trader
navigating the waters of Forex with fear and without an investment plan well
built undoubtedly will bring serious financial consequences.
Success in Forex Trading requires following a plan and a strategy
well supported investment, based on previous analysis and setting
clearly the risk management rules and the expected return of the
investment (ROI). As such, keeping a trading plan,
invariably will allow you to maximize the profitability of your operations.

• Failing to hone the skills of Trading (Demo Account)
Many Forex Trader’s initials, often jump to the opening of accounts
real before implementing their investment strategies in an “Account
Demo “. Consequently, entering the market with medium, without knowing the
collective consciousness of the market, with little experience in the operation of the
Trading platform with which they are operating and therefore are unable
to support the flow of the waters of the Foreign Exchange Market.
Success in Forex trading requires proper practice in a
demo account to develop discipline, consistency and capacity
to negotiate and studied under a previously established plan.

• Not having realistic expectations of Trading
Regardless of what all they say, the currency market is not a
scheme to get rich quick. Success in this business requires much
work and preparation, like success in any other business. Without
But most of the new Trader’s start market operations
under the understanding that the market will always be in your favor, Forzan the
natural conditions of price behavior leaving aside
this represents risks and ignoring the rules of money management. As
result, leave the Trading operations totally disappointed and far
expectations with which they most likely already started and no money.
Finally, a final recommendation; it is crucial to understand that the Market
Forex is not a ground to suppose Trader and begin to “try” or “test
luck “, is a task that requires good preparation, learning and
effort as any other work in which one chooses to highlight.
Also, it is very important to stay updated on new tools,
strategies, news and other events of the Forex Market. these aspects
are “key” factors if you really want to become a successful Trader
in this exciting Forex market.

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Analyzing the Forex Online Market /analyzing-the-forex-online-market/ /analyzing-the-forex-online-market/#respond Thu, 03 Mar 2016 02:58:17 +0000 /?p=18 Analyzing the Forex Online Market?

What are the most important perspectives to analyze the Forex Market?

The most important aspect of operations Trading is the market itself
Currency and on all the opportunities we can offer operators
Forex. Looking from another angle, this can be quite complex,
often “literally” impossible to do when you do not have the
right tools; without the vision and experience necessary to fulfill
successfully with this task we could take years to master.
One of the most direct objectives sought by Trader’s Forex is to obtain
benefits based on predicting the behavior and movement
Prices between a specific currency pair. For this purpose they have been created
different techniques and mathematical methods that help achieve more
precisely this purpose.

In this article we present the two main forms mostly
Trader’s used by today to more accurately predict the
Foreign Exchange Market behavior from a conceptual point of view
general but concise; talk of Technical Analysis and Analysis

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is developed around decipher the letters and looking years
financial data in order to predict the movement Market
Foreign exchange. It has been widely used for decades in the fields of
different, such as the stock market investment with positive results
and very encouraging.

The theory behind the technique is that the market is repeated over and over again
certain patterns of behavior, ie models are repeated.

The fundamental task of the Trader’s Forex is to use the models have
and observing been presented in the past to thus use
to predict or identify when will be presented again in the future,
and determining in advance precisely how the market will take
at one point.

Like many of the mathematical and statistical models, numerical methods
and analysis processes offered by the field of mathematics, finally
Technical analysis can become totally subjective depending on the person
He is performing it. Invariably this type of analysis requires a large
amount of historical data in order to see a complete picture as

Examples of mathematical models based on the behavior of the
nature can mention clearly and are used regularly by
the Trader’s Forex are: Fibonacci Ratios, Theory and Media
Resistance, moving averages (statistics), the Elliot Wave Bands
Bollinger among others.

The process of making this type of analysis involving a series of operations
arithmetic, although very simple but large volume, with the evolution of the
computing, this type of analysis is simplified substantially. Today in
day can not only have the figures alone, but the great
Most current Trading platforms allow us to have the
graphical representation of the series when current prices. What
makes these tools are easily accessible and understandable
for virtually all Trader’s worldwide.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is based on a different set of data (or
information) to predict the movement of currency trading. This is
relating such behavior with aspects of policy
Local or International, Theories of Macro and Micro Economics giving much more weight
these elements that prediction Statistics – Mathematics.

From the perspective of Fundamental Analysis intelligence that remains
the price of each currency is closely related to health policy and
economy of their country, so analysts fundamentalists makes them
I felt monitor and keep abreast of political and economic progress
That country.

Trader’s regularly base their operations under the criteria of the
news and commentary, are tripping over themselves to the task of bringing a constant reading
financial news, stay tuned to news and last minute
guide to economic-financial publications such newspapers
international a way to act on important events.

There are a number of online portals that provide services
specialize with Trader’s news for both operators and Fores Market
like other financial markets, providing access to tools
financial information such tapes, calendars, real-time news,
market trends. Some of these portals do it for free and
other so pays.

Today with the current economic crisis that is reflected in many countries,
Trader’s and many financial operators are aware that the coins
They are extremely volatile and the publication of an ad can get
to cause panic in the Forex Market.

Based on the above, always it is recommended to understand the Trader
the behavior of the currency market taking into account the different
angles offer Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis, understanding
different ways of looking at the market and perform their own analysis
individually based on their own data. Usually, the best strategies
They are a combination of technical and fundamental elements.

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Forex online Fundamental Analysis /forex-online-fundamental-analysis/ /forex-online-fundamental-analysis/#respond Thu, 03 Mar 2016 02:19:09 +0000 /?p=7 Forex online Fundamental Analysis – Introduction


Fundamental analysis is the study of economic, social data and
politicians who represent and quantifies the economy with the goal of determining
future movements in a financial market.

Analysts have been grouped by years, but technical and fundamental
we are strict there are very few pure technicians or fundamentalists.

In this section you concerás the bases of the Fundamental Analysis
Foreign Exchange Market.

On what premises is based Fundamental Analysis?

Technical analysts can not really ignore the effect and
synchronization of policies and economic announcements and fundamental analysts
They can not really ignore various signals derived from the study
historical prices and volatility.



It is quite difficult to consider all the different economic announcements as well as
political and social situations that affect an economy particularly in the
global market today, however by understanding the basics and delving more
deeply critical data and signals of economies with a
probably you find that your understanding of financial markets improves

A myriad of economic announcements and while it may be important to be
current schedule and understand the nature and potential impact of
ads, also would be very easy to be confused by the wealth of information
until you have too much and it can become a non-effective basis to negotiate.

Because of the vast number of fundamental analysis that we can find,
It may be more important to focus on the major influences price
as a base, rather than trying to know little about a lot.


What are Economic Indicators?

Economic indicators are quantitative announcements released as data
reflect the financial, economic and social atmosphere of an economy. ESTPs are
published by various government agencies or the private sector.

This statistic is anticipated by the public and released in the hours
predetermined according to a schedule and are used by many to monitor the
health and strength of an economy.

With so many players anticipating the release, the announcements themselves create a Toss in the market and can often influence the price of several
instruments very quickly.

With so many economic releases made daily, it is more important to know
some important announcements instead of trying to be updated with them

Basic Guide to Economic Notices:

1. Economic Calendar

Know exactly when each economic indicator will be released. try
keep a calendar on your desk or trading platform containing the
indicator name, the date and time as well as the planned launch.
(See the economic calendar). It is often just the notice itself that
moves the market but the anticipation of an announcement may move the market
sometimes days or weeks before launch.

2. Understand the Ads:

Understand what particular aspect of the economy is being revealed in the data.
There are several aspects of an economy measure such as GDP growth,
inflation, the CPI, the employment rate, interest rate, confidence
consumer or expense and so on. After you follow the data
for some time you will be very familiar with each economic indicator and
what part of the economy they refer.

3. Know what Focus Indicators:

As mentioned before there are a myriad of indicators that are released
daily, it would be impossible to follow them all, and can be really a
waste of time. Under the perspective of fundamental analysis, some markets
move and others do not – concentrate on those that do. The indicators
economic are not static over the years some have gained greater importance
and others have become less important – keep up to date.


4. Anticipation:

The data themselves may not be as significant as the difference between the
market expectation and the actual result. As mentioned above
is important to know the market expectation, expectations are built
based on the price of the instrument. Which it is not a figure or
unexpected event. This is sometimes felt not only by the announcement itself
but by the wording attached to the notice. For example, a planned increases 0.25%
You can not change the market as it was expected however the comment
later there will be a further rise may in fact move the price.

5. Understand The Meaning of ads

Not all unexpected releases trigger a move in the market.
Contained in each new economic indicator released to the public are
revisions of previously released data. Sometimes these can be ambiguous,
for example, if durable goods rise by 0.4% in the current month and the
anticipating market is going to fall, the unexpected rise could be the
result of a downward revision to the previous month. Check reviews
oldest data because in this case, the data on the goods
Durable previous month as originally reported 0.4% rise, should
upgrade to only 0.1% if corrected by deducting the forecast fall.

6. Currency Pairs

Remember to Fundamental Analysis, currencies are always traded in
pairs, one currency against the other; So know only one of them is not
enough. An instrument can be affected by an event and one by one
contrary, the opposite result to you hope therefore know by
both sides of the instrument to negotiate


Types of Indicators

Economic indicators are often described for Analysis
Fundamental indicators that can influence events or that
They may be influenced by other events. Leading indicators
They relate to economic indicators that change before the economy
start following a particular pattern or to show trends, they are
used to predict changes in the economy. The latter are indicators
economic factors that change after the economy has already begun to follow a
particular pattern or trend


Indicators US Economy

Nonfarm payroll payment (new Jobated not including agriculture)

Launched on 1st Friday of each month at 8:30 am NY time
Importance – Market mover


Trade balance or trade deficit U.S.A.

The trade balance, calculates the difference between the total amount of
exports against imports in goods and services
Nonfarm payrolls Payment (new jobs, not including

Launched 1st. Friday of each month at 8:30 am NY time
Importance – Market mover

Trade balance

Calculates the difference between the total amount of exports against
imports goods. It has been in a deficit since the 70s.
Released approximately 10 days of each month at 8:30 NY
Importance – Market mover

Consumer Price Index – Consumer Price Index (Version

The CPI calculates the difference in price of a basket of goods and services
which they are influenced by the economic environment and paid by the
urban consumers.
The Core CPI eliminates goods (food and energy) found
more strongly influenced.
Released on approximately the fifteenth day of each month 8:30 am NY
Importance – Market mover

ISM index (including manufacturing)

Institute for Supply Management gives us an index of activities
related to the manufacturing sector.
Released on the first business day of each month at 10:00 NY
Importance – Market mover

Retail sales

Calculate the difference in monthly sales at retail stores
This indicator has an immediate impact on personal spending
It is the most current indicator of consumer spending and is adjusted
Normal seasonal variation, holidays, and business differences
Released on approximately the fifteenth of each month
Importance – Market mover

Michigan – Consumer Confidence

Indicates consumer confidence in the economy of the U.S.A., an examination
monthly 5,000 homes in the U.S.A.
The preliminary report is released in about the fifteenth of each
month, the final report on the last Tuesday of each month
Importance – Market mover.

Gross domestic product

The total output of goods and services produced by labor and
property located in the United States
GDP indicates the pace at which a country’s economy is growing (or
It is shrinking) and is considered the broadest indicator of production and
of economic growth
monthly, quarterly data review, launched about four
weeks after completion of the month
Importance – Market mover

Index “Institute for Supply Management”

The ISM is a composite index based on the diffusion indices of 5
different importance seasonally adjusted (new orders,
production, supplier deliveries, inventories and employment)
Importance – High.

National Savings (%)

Personal saving is a percentage of personal income
The savings rate has a direct impact on economic activity
A high savings rate implies that little money is being directed to the
A lower rate of savings suggests that consumers are spending
more, and they provide fuel economy
However, a negative savings rate means that the public is
putting debt – a situation that can lead to growth in the
short term, but is unsustainable in the long
Importance – High

Weekly Leading Index (Weekly)

The weekly leading index is a composite index based on seven
following indicators:
Materials Price Index, mortgage activity, Quality,
Rates and Bonds, bond yields, and Demand
The WLI measures leading indicators and shows rapid economic trends
and reliably using indicators measuring business cycles
It shows channels with three months ahead and peaks with a
anticipation of ten months and half.
Importance – Medium

New Orders for Durable Goods (billion)

New orders for durable goods, adjusted for seasonal variations
New orders for durable goods made to domestic manufacturers
for immediate and future delivery of factory hard goods
A durable good is defined as a good that lasts for a period of time
extended (over three years) during which its services are useful
Orders for durable goods are volatile, but can serve
as an indicator of future economic activity
An increase in orders must occur before manufacturers increase
Conversely, a decrease in orders tends to result in a reduction
Importance – Medium

PPI – Final Real

Producer price index
finished goods, not adjusted for seasonal variations
Measures inflation at the producer level, and does not include services
A sharp rise in the PPI typically operated with a decline in
stock and bond markets
The PPIs most often used for economic analysis are those for
finished goods, intermediate goods, and goods
Importance – media

Unemployment Rate US (%)

Ratio between the number of unemployed and the total workforce, adjusted to
seasonal variations
The unemployment rate is an indicator of overall economic health
A low rate indicates a strong economy where job seekers
They can find employment quickly, whereas a high rate may
indicate a weaker economy
On the other hand, businesses can find employees more easily
when the unemployment rate is high
Importance – media

Residential Building Permits

Index of new private housing units authorized by permits
construction, unadjusted for seasonal variations
The indicator shows the total permits, including single unit and
multi-dwelling structures
The construction market tends to be a leading indicator of
economic activity
Apart from seasonal fluctuations, sharp increases (decreases) in
home construction or sales lead to a corresponding increase
(Decrease) in the economy due to the fact that construction explains
between a quarter and a third of investment spending and five percent of
the total national economy
Employment in the sector is also affected by the market
A decline in the number of permits issued signals a
decline in employment in construction
Importance – Medium

New Residential Construction

The start of residential constructions disclose the number of
residential units starting construction each month
A start in construction is defined as the principle of the digging
the foundation for building and comprises mostly residences
The start of residential construction is a highly sensitive indicator
and it is one of the first sectors to react to changes in rates
The report is released around the middle of the month following the measurement
Importance – Medium

Labor Cost Index (ECI)

The rate of payrolls in industries is a measure of the number of
work in more than 500 industries in all states and 255 areas
Employment estimates are based on a survey of businesses and measures
number of paid employees working part-time or full-time
business establishments and government of the nation
Importance – Medium-Low

INDICATORS German economy

IFO Survey (Income from Operations)

It measures business confidence
medium importance.


Tankan Survey
Climate Survey or economic confidence
An economic review of the Japanese economy released by the central bank
Japan, which is used to formulate monetary policy
The report is released four times a year, in April, July, October and
Importance – Medium

  Machinery orders

Importance – Media


This for forex online.

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