Good Shares for Long Term Investment

Are you looking to invest in share market and stocks and you don’t know which one is good to invest and how to invest in share market, here is the article we will guide you to invest in long term investment shares and good shares for long term investment. If you want to secure your money, long term investment is the best way to do in 2020, due to global pandemic every business has shut down along, but share market has got a huge point in Sensex and there is a huge opportunity for investors to take a good share.

Form the past 2 years stock market has made a huge profit for shareholders and they are also rush towards to invest in long run along the same side, you have to consider some of the disadvantage in stock market and you must know the market’s condition, future growth, equity ratio etc. we have done lot of research form top stock market sites and we have done a list that you can take a look of it.

Good Shares for Long Term Investment

  1. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

BEL draws up Rs 3,000 crore expansion plan | Deccan Herald

BEL is one of the leading electronic limited in India, which has a capitalization approximate of 23 Crores and it is the top listed as supplying electronic equipment for Indian Defense Service. The company is not only into defence service and it has also different electronic equipment’s in the market and they will supply number of products in different sectors. This Company has best shares for long term investment.

  1. EPF and PPF

EPF and PPF: Difference, Comparison, Returns & Which is Better

With an interest rate of 8.7 percent, the Public Provident Fund is one of the most common investment options in the country and still remains the best bet. Under section 80C, it has tax advantages and interest income also has income tax deductions (is exempted from tax).

Contributions to the PPF are eligible for tax benefits, as is the EPF (Employee Provident Fund). A maximum investment of Rs 1.5 lakhs is permitted under Section 80C for the purpose of claiming a benefit. This is the best share for long run.

  1. Bond Funds

Stick to short-duration or dynamic bond funds, says debt fund managers -  The Financial Express

A bond fund, such as a mutual fund or as an ETF, also includes various bonds from a number of issuers. Usually, bond funds are classified by the type of bond in the fund-the length of the bond, its risk, the issuer (corporate, municipal or federal government) and other variables. Usually, the interest on a bond or bond investment is much smaller than it would be on a stock fund, maybe 4 to 5% annually, but less on government bonds. It’s much less dangerous as well.

On a last line to say, there are so much of shares to invest in long run, but not all will return good income but above are the good shares for long term investment.

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